Fly around as a FAE. Walk a winter landscape as a male hero just trying to survive.

A free, basic version of our game is now available and we encourage you to try it!

We suggest you use the app to download/update as this game gets FREQUENT updates, sometimes daily. To give you an idea of what the game actually looks like, you would find the background image on this page is a screenshot from the multiplayer edition. But it's no fun without any players so sign up today.

Download the game for PC

Single Player is suitable for all ages. Multiplayer is designed for those looking to meet others and email registration is required.


About this website

Watch. Play. Experience.

  • The Movie

    Family-friendly. Harry Potter meets Dynasty.

  • The Game

    Lovin' the Princess/Medievil life? Download the game (PC) and check out our environments. Single player is suitable for ALL AGES. 18+ and want to connect with others online? Register for the multiplayer.

  • The Experience

    Come up to Mont Tremblant, Quebec for a NEPS inspired weekend/mixer/adventure.

Watch the movie

Not all Princess' have blond hair and blue eyes

We target a worldwide audience and offer you the opportunity to choose the color of your main character

Princess Rani (Non-Caucasian)
Princess Katrina (Caucasian)
Other Episodes


Download the game for PC


Visit the land of Nede

Experience an outdoor experience designed for singles and inspired by NEPS.

  • Shoot a bow, catch a fish, ride a horse

    A game of medievil capture the flag, save the Princess!!!

  • Affordable

    There will be many room/package options to make it easy and convenient for everyone to participate

  • Waiting list available

    We are able to develop these tours "easily" but require a fair number of people to make it interesting. If you register for the game you should see some promotional offers, so register for the game today and stay tuned!

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Questions??? Send us an email and we will contact you soon!